Aker Solutions Launches Intelligent Subsea Program To Accelerate Offshore Developments

Aker Solutions has launched its Intelligent Subsea offering designed to accelerate field development and maximize performance.

The oil and gas industry has standardized, simplified, and reduced the size of equipment in recent years, but a further change is needed to drive a sustainable future for the subsea industry and the world it serves.

Aker Solutions’ Intelligent Subsea approach is designed to cut the time required to generate optimal subsea field layouts. Aker says that time can be cut by 75% and field development capital expenditures can be halved. Accelerated field development is achieved by combining the company’s modular, optimized, and configurable subsea equipment with automated design, which the company says can reduce engineering hours by up to 70%.

Intelligent Subsea addresses the current and future needs of subsea production by combining three core value propositions:

Adopting an integrated approach to field design where both the subsea and topside systems are optimized and concepts can be rapidly developed with the aid of advanced digital tools

Standardized and digitally enabled products that can be rapidly configured and are delivered with accelerated timelines, reducing the time to first production

Maximized life of field performance with enhanced recovery and extend field life enabled by condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and simplified system enhancement as the field matures

“Digitalization of our work process and new applications are transforming field design, radically accelerating development, and delivering actionable insight to maximize performance through the life of a field,” said Aker Solutions Chief Executive Officer Luis Araujo. “Our system thinking and intelligent solutions are a revolution in subsea developments. Intelligent Subsea is enhancing recovery, saving cost, and increasing value through life of field.”


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