IHS Markit, Schlumberger Announce Collaboration on GAIA Digital Subsurface Platform

Credit: Schlumberger.
The GAIA platform allows clients to manage their exploration portfolios in line with their corporate strategies.

Schlumberger announced that it has established a strategic collaboration between WesternGeco, its seismic and geophysical data solutions division, and the information and analytics company IHS Markit. The collaboration will bring together data and technology from the two companies and make them available through the GAIA digital subsurface platform.

WesternGeco launched the GAIA platform to accelerate data discovery and screening and the ranking of their clients’ exploration opportunities by providing access to all relevant and licensed data. Powered by the DELFI cognitive exploration and production (E&P) environment, the GAIA platform transforms the explorationist’s experience and productivity.

“As we embrace openness, our strategic collaboration with IHS Markit enables our clients to take advantage of a wealth of data, accessible through the GAIA platform, where the latest digital technologies can be used to unlock data value for critical business decisions,” said Maurice Nessim, president of WesternGeco. “Our relationship extends beyond providing access to seamlessly integrated IHS Markit data, WesternGeco multiclient libraries, and public and partner data—all in one place. It also includes collaboration in petrotechnical and data science R&D to rapidly deliver new data solutions on the GAIA platform.”

IHS Markit initially will enable direct access to its global E&P data sets, including well, production, and asset information, from within the GAIA platform. This combination and visualization of critical content can lead to new insights, enhanced work flows, and greatly improved efficiency in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources.

“For years, the industry has talked about the need to break down silos and combine data across organizations to enable our mutual clients to make better decisions faster, and, today, two of the biggest providers in E&P content, IHS Markit and Schlumberger, are taking a step in that direction,” said David Hicks, senior vice president of Energy Upstream at IHS Markit. “Bringing critical data sources together to help our clients improve efficiencies and extract more value from their assets is the primary goal of this endeavor. Since speed to decision is such a critical issue and data volumes continue to expand rapidly, clients will benefit from the increased use of artificial intelligence and various data science technologies to more quickly interrogate our global E&P database in new ways.”

Read more about the GAIA digital subsurface platform here.




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