Emerson Accelerates Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas Industry With Cloud-Hosted Software Suite on Microsoft Azure

With Emerson’s multiuser integrated interpretation platform, a regional scale display of multiple 2D and 3D seismic data sets and large interpretations can be accessed on the cloud.

The engineering and technology company Emerson announced its entire exploration and production (E&P) software suite is now available on the cloud, enabling oil and gas companies to take advantage of digital technologies securely and to model and optimize production better in new and established reservoirs. A leading independent provider of E&P software, Emerson now delivers seismic processing and imaging, data interpretation, subsurface modeling, formation evaluation, reservoir engineering, production optimization, and other services with faster, more-powerful computing to connect critical subsurface intelligence with surface operations.

The enormous growth in the volume and complexity of petrotechnical data, combined with the need to reduce costs and enhance productivity in the E&P market, poses a growing challenge for today’s chief information officers. Emerson addresses these challenges by using cloud computational power while leveraging proven and reliable machine-learning algorithms and other technologies. Harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure also provides more flexible, scalable, and collaborative work processes, helping operators increase efficiencies and achieve top-quartile performance—operations and capital performance in the top 25% of peer companies.

“With our E&P software-as-a-service model and long history of domain experience, Emerson is well positioned to lead the cloud transformation for the oil and gas market,” said Peter Zornio, chief technology officer with Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “Our customers can now enjoy the same benefits from our software suite, whether they choose to run it locally, host it on the cloud, or use a hybrid of both. This expanded platform provides greater data analytics power and flexibility for some of the most challenging operational environments in the industry. When you combine our software with our technology and experience in the production area, we have a unique capability in the oil and gas marketplace.”

Emerson’s E&P cloud-hosted software, which can run on Azure and other leading cloud platforms, is currently available in two business options. The first is customer-managed, in which customers run the software on cloud computing platforms and storage under management by their own IT organizations. The second option is Emerson-operated, in which Emerson manages information-technology operations on the cloud, including the cloud platform, software support, maintenance, and operation. The solution uses Microsoft’s strategically placed Azure data-center regions for faster performance and compliance with local government regulations.

“Microsoft and Emerson have cooperated on cloud offerings for several years, and we’re pleased to see Emerson extending its use of Microsoft Azure to support its full software suite,” said Jose Valls, chief technology officer for process manufacturing with Microsoft. “Emerson has high computational, data-management, and visualization needs and a global customer base. Azure provides a full set of configurations suitable to the wide range of computing requirements of the Emerson application portfolio, without compromising performance.”


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