Indonesia Adopts PPDM Data Model as Industry Standard

A ministerial decree in Indonesia has set the data model from the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association as the country's industry standard for upstream oil and gas data.

“We open this data so that investors can have more data access,” said Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arcandra Tahar in a press conference at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

The decree mandates the Pusat Data and Informasi/Center for Data and Information Technology (Pusdatin) and the Directorate General of Oil and Gas within the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for Indonesia make industry more open and improve data stewardship and quality in the Indonesian upstream oil and gas industry.

The regulation references the Metadata Standard Catalog of Administration of Data to the standard data model of the Professional Petroleum Model Data Version 3.9, using it as the foundation for describing information requirements. In addition, Pusdatin, in collaboration with Pertamina, the national oil company of Indonesia, will establish a national data repository that will be administered using PPDM standards as the foundation.

In August 2019, the minister of energy and mineral resources promulgated Regulation No. 7 of 2019, Management and Utilization of Oil and Gas Data, and followed it with regulation No. 013 K/03/SJD/2019 in October 2019, issued by the secretary general of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. That regulation is expected to make facilitate investors’ access Indonesian oil and gas data and encourage the discovery of new oil and gas reserves.

“As mandated by the Ministerial of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree 17/2019, Pertamina Upstream Directorate is committed to use PPDM as corporatewide data model and corporate master data repository to enable easier, faster information sharing and integration between Pertamina corporate and all upstream oil and gas subsidiaries through a standard upstream oil and gas vocabulary and prenegotiated semantics,” said Nora Desiani, manager of petrotechnical and upstream application for Upstream Directorate Pertamina.

The PPDM Data Model Version 3.9 was designed by industry subject-matter experts following a methodology called “The PPDM Way.” Through combined collaboration of these subject-matter experts from around the world, the data model covers a variety of topics relevant to the petroleum industry.

“This decree by the Indonesian regulator is an important step in the continued global emergence of the Indonesian energy sector. The PPDM Association is honored to be named as a key technical contributor to this important milestone through the internationally recognized PPDM data model and associated data standards,” said Allan Huber, chairman of the Board of Directors for the PPDM Association.

The PPDM Association is the global, not-for-profit society within the petroleum industry that provides leadership for the professionalization of petroleum data management through the development and dissemination of best practices and standards, education programs, certification programs, and professional development opportunities.

Learn more about PPDM here.


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