Schlumberger Pushes Digital Technology Through Online Conference

Schlumberger showcased its role in the industry’s digital revolution recently with its first online conference. During the conference, the company launched six pieces of technology focused on gathering and consolidating digital data.

“This is a pivotal time in oil and gas,” said Olivier Le Peuch, Schlumberger’s chief executive officer. “Improving operational and financial performance will enable us to become a more resilient, sustainable industry.”

The driving force behind the company’s efforts to improve performance is its new digital offerings and a new approach to digital work flows. Jesus Lamas, Schlumberger’s president for well construction, said, “What we are doing is we are redesigning completely our work flows, leveraging these new technologies. What this means is that, on the same platform, in the same environment, we have all the data. And this data can be all the way from subsurface, seismic data to the data you collected in your last well to the data you are collecting in the well you are drilling. We have all this data available to make decisions in real time.”

The new pieces of technology presented during the conference are

  • The GAIA Xchange Data Marketplace
  • The Performance Live Digitally Connected Service
  • Symphony Live Downhole Reservoir Testing
  • The ReSOLVE iX Service and StreamLINE iX Cable
  • The FlairFlex Advanced Real-Time Fluid Logging and Analysis Service
  • The ACTive Power Coiled-Tubing (CT) Real-Time Powered Downhole Measurements System

Four of the new pieces of technology are aimed at streamlining the collection of digital data. The other two—GAIA Xchange and Performance Live—are designed to increase connectivity and facilitate data sharing.

“We collect a lot of data manually nowadays within the drilling process, and this is not doing justice to what can be done potentially with this data,” said Hisham Abou El Azm, Schlumberger’s business line director for well construction fluids. “The more automation we do have, the more digital solutions we provide, the more integration of this data, the better we identify the risks and accordingly come up with better decisions to improve the whole well-construction or drilling process.”

GAIA Xchange

The GAIA Xchange is Schlumberger’s effort to make data available throughout the industry. It will be integrated with the Open Subsurface Data Universe. The data exchange will run on Schlumberger’s DELPHI technology and will “provide a secure and collaborative space that dissolves market silos and fragmentation across all domains,” the company says.

Performance Live

The Performance Live service is Schlumberger’s attempt to eliminate data silos. The technology aims to connect engineers digitally and provide live control of wellsite operations.


Schlumberger’s Symphony is a suite of testing-string components that the company says is customizable for different situations. All of the components in the suite are controlled wirelessly. These include a position tool, an electronic firing head, a quartz gauge, a dual valve, a sampling system, and an isolation valve.

ReSOLVE iX and StreamLINE iX

ReSOLVE iX is Schlumberger’s collection of wireline tools—a debris-removal tool, an anchor/linear actuator, and a milling tool. To control these new tools, the company has released StreamLINE iX, a polymer-coated wireline cable. The company says its polymer-coating technique locks the cable core and its armors together into a single element, forming a gas barrier.


The FlairFlex service extracts hydrocarbons from returned drilling fluids and characterizes them. It uses two fluid extraction units, one at the inbound drilling fluid line and one at the outbound line.

ACTive Power

The ACTive Power system is used in coiled-tubing interventions that require powered and fiber-optic downhole tools. It uses a hybrid cable within the coiled tubing.


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