Digital Technologies Boost Earnings at Johan Sverdrup

Credit: Ole Jørgen Bratland/Equinor.
Johan Sverdrup operators use tablets in their daily work.

One year after the Johan Sverdrup field came on stream, digital technology has proven to be key to safety and value in all parts of the operation, increasing earnings by more than NOK 2 billion ($200 million). Primary operator Equinor said the digital technology used at Johan Svedrup has helped increase subsurface understanding and ensure more-efficient startup of wells, higher stable production, and more-efficient maintenance.

“Our experience shows that digital tools have a positive effect on value creation on the Johan Sverdrup field while helping improve the workday for people offshore and in the onshore organization,” said Rune Nedregaard, vice president for Johan Sverdrup operations. “The use of digital tools provides a better overview of the situation, which, in turn, contributes to increased safety during daily work offshore and onshore. We accomplish more in a safer and smarter way.”

According to Equinor, the increased earnings are mainly a result of

  • Higher stable production through automated production optimization
  • Improved accuracy in the reservoir because of broader and more-complex data sets, providing more information about the reservoir
  • More-efficient operations and maintenance facilitated by digital technology such as tablets for operators to use in their daily work and a digital twin, which is a virtual copy of the platform

Equinor said that collaboration with the integrated operations center onshore is vital to optimize production and debottleneck processes, which can reduce unscheduled downtime and improve maintenance and energy use.

Several other digital initiatives also are being tested at Sverdrup, such as robots over and under water, machine learning, and the use of 3D printing technology.

This year, Equinor increased the use of digital technology both in Norway and internationally. The company said it expects many of its employees onshore and offshore to see portable units and personalized applications become part of everyday life

“For Equinor, this is about continuously improving by getting increased access to relevant information and efficient use of digital technologies,” said Torbjørn Folgerø, Equinor’s chief digital officer. “This will contribute to stronger collaboration across organizational units and with our partners and more frequent sharing of best practice.”



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