Joint Venture Nears Completion of Digital-Twin-Designed Offshore Platform Project

Credit: BP.

KBR announced that its joint venture with SOCAR, who is undertaking the engineering design phase of the Azeri Central East (ACE) platform, is now nearing completion.

The ACE platform is the first of its kind to be designed through all phases, from concept to front-end engineering design and detailed design, to fully use KBR’s digital twin technology. The benefits of the digital twin continue to be used as the ACE platform moves into fabrication and commissioning, which is being undertaken in Azerbaijan.

Digital twin technology creates a platform for all involved in the process to access all project information from anywhere in the world through all phases. The technology allows users to view procurement status and materials availability.

In the operation phase, the digital twin can be used to remotely perform tasks such as site surveys, isolation design, and work sign off, moving traditional offshore activities onshore and providing real-time operational performance data.

“Our team is leading the way in the journey to digitally transform energy projects in Caspian region,” said Yashar Latifov, SOCAR’s vice president for field developments and chairman of SOCAR-KBR, “and this project is an important steppingstone in our modernization and transformation initiative,”

This project is being executed by SOCAR-KBR in Baku where local engineers are delivering various projects with support from a KBR engineering and data management team in London.


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