Column: Why Is the Health and Safety Officer Role Essential in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Every organization is bound to fulfill the compliance related to the health and safety of the employees and every individual associated with it. This is not specified to any particular industry, but some industries are at higher risk because of their sensitive production processes that involve risky tasks to be performed by the employees. Those organizations that do not comply with the regulations toward them by the state of health and safety are at higher risks compare with other organizations. This may result in loss of lives and health hazards of the people working there.

A well-reputed organization makes sure that there are no health and safety hazards present in the organization that may take place in any case. In this regard, the oil and gas industry is highly responsible for the correct implications of all the regulations that guarantee the health and safety of workers employed there. Oil and gas companies are strictly considered to be at higher risks in this regard because the manufacturing process, including the extraction and production of oil and gas, is vulnerable to the health and lives of people. This can easily be affected by the fire and other gases resulting in a blast or other incidents. To keep a check on these, a health and safety officer in the oil and gas industry is hired who manages all the relevant actions required to prevent an organization from any such incident.

From the beginning of the process that is the extraction of raw materials till the end of it, health and safety officers in the oil and gas industry monitor the necessary equipment required in case of any emergency. The tasks for which a health and safety officer is associated is highly important and valued in the oil and gas industry. Not only this, but they are some of the highest paid individuals associated with the organization.

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