Column: Safety Culture—Get the Team on Board


In 2017, workplace injuries and illnesses remain one of the most prolific threats to business stability and reputation. Safety technologies, procedures, policies, and programs have all evolved, yet there still remains a lot of work to do in many industries and workplaces to transform safety behaviors and attitudes. All too often, safety meetings in the workplace see team members fall silent, offer intermittent head nods, show resistance to change, stifle a yawn, or make regular glances at the clock. For those not directly employed in a safety role, discussions around responsibilities for workplace health and safety can be boring.

Developing an understanding and appreciation for safety programs, controls, and procedures among such personnel can be challenging. When policies and programs are introduced, team members may make an effort to adhere and comply initially, but this usually only lasts for a very short time. Why does this happen? It all boils down to the absence of a strong safety culture.

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