Norway and UK Lift Super Puma Ban

The flight ban imposed on the Airbus H225 and AS332 L2 in Norway and the UK has been lifted by their respective civil aviation regulators.

The two Super Puma helicopters will be able to fly again if operators meet revised safety measures issued by the two authorities.

Following a fatal crash of an Airbus H225 in Norway on 29 April 2016, the Norwegian authorities grounded the aircraft. A ban was issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency later in June.

While the European ban was lifted, the H225 remained grounded in Norway and the UK until “further enhancements were made.”

As a result, modifications were made to the helicopter and its maintenance, including removing components susceptible to premature deterioration, earlier component replacement standards, improved maintenance inspection, more frequent inspections, and lower thresholds for rejecting deteriorating components.

John McColl, head of airworthiness at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said, “This is not a decision we have taken lightly. It has only been made after receiving extensive information from the Norwegian accident investigators and being satisfied with the subsequent changes introduced by Airbus Helicopters through detailed assessment and analysis.”

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