Underwater Centre Delivers First Korean-Language HSE Course

A group of Korean commercial divers have obtained their Health and Safety Executive (HSE) diving certification on the first ever Korean-language HSE diving course at The Underwater Centre in Fort William, Scotland.

Twelve divers from Deep Sea Works, South Korea, completed the HSE Experience and Competence Assessment course entirely in the Korean language at The Underwater Centre. Credit: The Underwater Centre.

The 12 divers from Deep Sea Works, South Korea, completed the HSE Experience and Competence Assessment course—normally delivered in English—entirely in the Korean language.

The Underwater Centre uses translators and interpreters to deliver courses to groups of non-English-speaking divers, allowing companies from non-English-speaking countries to obtain this globally recognized diver certification. The Centre had all the course documentation—including dive plans, log books, and course material—translated into Korean. The course was delivered in Fort William with the assistance of an on-site interpreter. As well as translating the instructions and feedback from the assessors, the interpreter was also on hand to help with other everyday issues, such as explaining the Centre’s restaurant menu.

Deep Sea Works specializes in civil engineering, diving, and construction work. Im Chang Yung, the firm’s chief executive officer, said he chose The Underwater Centre for his staff’s HSE course because he was impressed with the instructional team and facilities when he undertook his HSE Closed Bell training there in 2008.

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