Haste Makes Waste

1994 Port Neal, Iowa ammonium nitrate fertilizer plant explosion.


Have you ever needed to put a piece of paper in the trash can, but instead of taking those last four steps, you tossed it and missed the can? Then you walk over, pick it up, and throw it out as planned. What was gained?

Actually, it took extra effort to go back, pick the trash up, and put it in the trash can. What if you didn’t go back? Someone else would have had to do it for you.

The same idea applies to process safety. If you don’t do it right the first time, you will have to do it over or somebody else will have to do it over for you. However, some process safety tasks are not as obvious as trash on the floor. Not doing process safety tasks (for example, checking an instrument, following a procedure) correctly the first time can result in grave consequences for you, your co-workers, the community and the environment.

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