BSEE Implements New Quality-Assurance Process To Increase Safety and Reliability of Offshore Energy Operations

Credit: BSEE.
BSEE implements new quality-assurance process to increase safety and reliability of offshore energy operations.

In an ongoing effort to increase responsible and efficient offshore energy operations, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has implemented a new quality-assurance process for reviewing and assessing its permitting systems. The new process seeks to reflect on permits issued by the agency and helps inform best practices for offshore energy permitting.

The new directive, issued by BSEE’s Office of Offshore Regulatory Programs, requires the agency to conduct periodic review and assessment of permitting processes for consistency, timeliness, and efficiency across the various districts and regions within the agency. This quality-assurance process will be conducted by carefully selected teams of BSEE staff that will develop the assessment plans and conduct the assessments. These assessments will review permitting and also include in-person site visits to district or regional offices, as applicable.

“We owe it to the American people to ensure that our permit processes are efficient and decision-making practices are consistent,” said Scott Angelle, BSEE director. “Taking these actions now will promote BSEE’s effective monitoring of permit processes and provide an avenue to progress toward overall improvements such as decreased processing delays.”

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