British Columbia Spills Regulation and Intentions Paper

British Columbia (BC) is seeking to enhance its regulatory spill response regime across the province by way of a phased approach. Phase 2 is currently under way, and comments on this process are due by the end of April 2018.

Initial Phase
The initial phase began in October 2017, with new requirements on spill preparedness, response, and recovery under the Environmental Management Act coming into force, along with three new regulations: the Spill Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Regulation; the Spill Reporting Regulation; and the Spill Contingency Planning Regulation.

Intentions Paper
This led to Phase 2, pursuant to which the BC Ministry of the Environment (MOE) released the Policy Intentions Paper for Engagement: Phase Two Enhancements to Spill Management in British Columbia. This intentions paper describes key policy concepts that the MOE is considering to improve responses in the event of spills. It also outlines the engagement process that the MOE is following to obtain feedback, which includes regional meetings with Indigenous communities throughout the spring of 2018. The MOE intends to use the feedback it receives to inform the policy options it puts forward to the government to consider.

Read the full story here.

Read the intentions paper here (PDF).



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