Improving Human Performance in the Well-Control Environment

This paper presents a range of initiatives undertaken in the areas of competence, training, and human factors. Following a number of drilling incidents, the industry has targeted aspects of human performance in the areas of training, competence, and human factors in the well-control environment.  Competence management in drilling operations traditionally has focused on technical aspects of an activity, and, while being technically competent is essential, experience from other industries has shown that further benefits can be realized by including additional focus on nontechnical skills.

Broadening training to include nontechnical skills can enhance safety and operational performance at the worksite in a team environment, particularly when decisions crucial to preventing or mitigating a major incident must be taken against the background of an environment that is constantly changing.

Another important element within the management systems of exploration and production organisations relates to the ability to learn from events. An industry reporting system for well-control incidents (WCIs) allows identification of areas where further industry guidance may be warranted or enhancements to training are justified. 

Four primary focus areas are presented in this paper:

  • Enhancing well-control training, competence, and certification
  • Demonstrating how the new recommendations in this area are being addressed
  • Introducing concepts of crew resource management
  • Documenting lessons from WCIs, with relevance to competence, training, and human factors

This paper presents work that has been conducted to benefit the drilling industry in each of these areas.

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