KBC Establishes Energy and Sustainability Copilot hub in Singapore

KBC, a Yokogawa company, announced the launch of a new Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot hub in Singapore to address the Singapore government’s environmental sustainability initiatives. 

The new Singapore-based co-pilot hub and team will build and adapt energy management and optimization systems, conduct research and development to create the next generation of energy analytics applications, and deliver KBC’s cloud-based solutions.

The first solution to come from the hub is KBC’s Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot service. Co-Pilot securely connects KBC’s energy and carbon emissions management software to data sources in an industrial plant creating its digital twin. Through a combination of rigorous analytical technology and human expertise, it determines how to help the plant reduce energy use and emissions without affecting production goals. 

Because Co-Pilot is delivered as a cloud service, it makes adoption and compliance with regulation simple and it can be implemented and maintained with minimal effect on operating personnel and the plant. Oversight by KBC experts ensures that advice and recommendations are implemented and capability is transferred to the sites over time. The solution works in real time, continually monitoring and adjusting to changes in plant performance and external economics to help the plant achieve its full potential savings.

“KBC is bringing new technologies, services, and business models to Singapore, leveraging robust and secure cloud services at the high standard demanded by the energy and chemical industry. It will not only help Singapore’s energy and chemical industry to achieve world-leading levels of efficiency but, in turn, will result in KBC expanding its team of experts already in Singapore,” said Andy Howell, chief executive officeer of KBC.

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