Report Details Industry Efforts To Address Cyberthreats

The oil and gas industry has changed substantially over the last decade. The greater connectivity of the digital age and the Internet of Things has resulted in increased efficiency through big data, analytics, sensors, and the ability to automate highly sensitive tasks.

However, it has also opened the doors to cyberattacks. The oil and gas sector is no longer protected by isolated control systems and detached core operations—meaning that cybersecurity will be a major area of investment for oil and gas organizations.

This report looks at

  • Why oil and gas organizations consider a primitive cybersecurity culture as one of the biggest vulnerabilities—as expressed by more than 60% of the respondents.
  • How 49% of respondents believe that operational technology personnel and information technology (IT) personnel should be used equally.
  • Why 50% of respondents said that they do have IT security policies that are routinely followed.
  • The fact that a third of all respondents said they believe their procedures are rarely tested and followed, despite IT security policies being such a core aspect of any cybersecurity framework.
  • How a majority of respondents—40%—say they believe that risk profile in their organization is "poorly understood and not improving."
  • How almost a quarter of professionals in this space say they believe that some departments have a better grasp of risk profile than others. 

The common theme throughout this survey is that, despite an increase in investment, the oil and gas sector is suffering a shortfall in cybersecurity confidence and capability. One of the major reasons why the industry finds itself in this state is its recent foray into technologies associated with the Internet of Things and the general move toward increased connectivity.

Read the full story and find the report here.



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