IPIECA, IOGP Update ‘Health Management in the Oil and Gas Industry’ Guidance

IPIECA and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) have released their updated guidance "Health Management in the Oil and Gas Industry." This is the third edition and supersedes the second edition published in 2011. The updated guidance focuses further on the business purpose of health services in the oil and gas sector and the additional value that effective leadership around health and human performance can bring.

The report is organized into four sections

  • Integrated Health Management Systems
  • Health Risk Assessment and Opportunities
  • Health Risk Mitigation and Management
  • Healthcare Delivery

The report is aimed at three distinct groups of staff: senior business managers, HSE and health managers or their equivalent, and health professionals. It refers to other published IPIECA/IOGP guidance and can be used as a starting point for organizing a company’s health services.

Executive Summary
The purpose of health services in the oil and gas sector is to improve performance and wellbeing of workers and, in doing so, to manage risks to health and safety.

Safeguarding and improving the health and wellbeing of staff—employed or contracted—is in the best interest of companies in the oil and gas industry. This best interest goes beyond compliance and corporate duty of care; it goes directly to the bottom line of a business. Effective leadership around health and human performance brings significant additional value, both to people and the business.

This focus on the purpose of health surfaces underpins the main changes between this guide and its previous versions. The content has been organized in such a way that it links the different components of health services and how they together deliver on the overall purpose. The content has also been updated to reference other guidance published by IOGP/IPIECA and can be used as the starting point for organizing health services.

Find the guidance here.



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