Range Publishes First Corporate Sustainability Report

Range Resources announced the release of its Corporate Sustainability Report, highlighting the company’s efforts and commitments to responsibly develop natural gas. The report details Range’s goal of working to achieve zero emissions across company operations.

“Our commitment to corporate sustainability continues to guide our work each day, influencing every aspect of our operations from the boardroom to the well pad,” said Jeff Ventura, Range’s chief executive officer. “We take great pride in the progress we continue to make towards our sustainability goals, pioneering innovations that have helped shape new standards for shale development. Not only do these efforts make good business sense, but these are the right things to do for all of our stakeholders.”

The report provides detailed insight on the company’s achievements and goals, specifically in the areas of safety leadership, environmental stewardship, community engagement, economic impact, and corporate governance.

“Range has long been a leader in incorporating leading sustainability practices and engineering solutions into every aspect of our business,” said Greg Maxwell, chairman of Range’s board of directors, “and the team continues to focus on implementing our core values to positively impact the communities where we do business. Our entire board of directors regularly reviews statistics and operational performance, and we spend time discussing with the team the latest trends, issues to mitigate, opportunities for progress, as well as improvements and achievements.”

Highlights from the report include:

  • Range’s active efforts working toward zero emissions across the company’s operations
  • Established criteria for “Sustainable Choice” gas, using best-in-class technology to responsibly develop energy for consumers
  • Recorded a 153% recycled water rate, using its own and other operators’ water
  • Attained a 70% reduction in the company’s leak ratio
  • Received top-tier ranking in back-to-back “As You Sow: Disclosing the Facts” reports; these reports focused on methane emissions and water management
  • Created an award-winning habitat enhancement project for monarch butterflies

Find the report here (PDF).



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