New IOGP Guide Focuses on Safety Leadership

Knowledge does not stand still. In 2013, the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) published Report 452, Shaping Safety Culture Through Safety Leadership; but, in the years since then, the industry has gained a huge amount of experience and insight into how workplace cultures are formed. This document aims to collect and present that insight and experience.

For instance, the industry has learned that rules alone do not drive behavior and that even the best-trained, most-diligent, and well-motivated people can make mistakes. All of us thrive when we work in an environment we can trust, with tasks and systems that are designed to reduce the potential for error. This is enabled by the culture of the organization.

For an organization to be successful, leaders work to shape the culture by the priorities that they set and their engagement with the workforce. The IOGP said it hopes that, with this guide, leaders can develop ideas for practical action to shape the culture and success of their organizations.

This guide was developed to be used in conjunction with IOGP Report 452, Shaping Safety Culture Through Safety Leadership. This report is designed to support senior or middle management and supervisors in applying the safety leadership characteristics described in Report 452 and in creating a workplace culture that values safety.

Find the report here.



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