New Joint Industry Project Could Provide More-Complete, Cost-Effective, Quicker Environmental Monitoring

The Environmental Genomics Joint Industry Programme (JIP34) will coordinate research aimed at exploring the application of eDNA-based analyses in environmental assessments and monitoring of oil and gas operations both offshore and on.

“Environmental genomics for the characterization and monitoring of biodiversity is an emerging application being developed and implemented by academics, industry, and regulators around the world," said IOGP Environment Director Wendy Brown. "It has the potential to provide more complete biodiversity data than conventional methods and also has the virtues of being more cost-effective and faster.”

JIP34 will initially fund a white paper that links state-of-the-art environmental genomics with technology development opportunities as related to industry specific applications identified by multiple oil and gas companies.

These industry-specific applications will be examined in one or more project phases:

  • Exploration and appraisal
  • Development (site selection and construction)
  • Operations
  • Decommissioning/post-decommissioning

They are also relevant in onshore, offshore, and coastal environmental settings.

Projects that address the issues outlined in the matrix or highlighted in the white paper may be funded for development.

Find more information here.



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