Video: What Is Required for Net Zero

The UK and Scottish governments set legally binding targets for achieving net zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050 following recommendations by the government’s official adviser, the Committee on Climate Change. Without a doubt, such a mandate has a significant effect on the oil and gas industry. In May 2019, Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) issued its Roadmap 2035, a Blueprint for Net Zero. This roadmap sets out a plan for how the industry will play its part in helping the UK and Scotland achieve net zero, while continuing to underpin UK energy security with the production of oil and gas.

In this video, Deirdre Michie, chief executive for OGUK, and David Clark, Lloyd’s Register’s energy director, discuss how the roadmap is being delivered to help achieve net zero greenhouse-gas emissions and what is required with regard to policy, people, and technology.

Find more about Roadmap 2035, a Blurprint for Net Zero here.



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