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Online, JPT includes exclusive content and features not found in the print publication. Also online, SPE members have free access to full-length technical papers highlighted in each issue for a two-month period. A JPT subscription (print or electronic) is included with SPE membership dues. Non-member subscriptions are available. Published monthly.

JPT Editorial Board

Bernt Aadnøy, University of Stavanger

Tayfun Babadagli, University of Alberta

William Bailey, Schlumberger

Mark Burgoyne, Santos

Maria Capello, Kuwait Oil Company

Frank Chang, Saudi Aramco

Simon Chipperfield, Santos

Alex Crabtree, Consultant

Gunnar DeBruijn, Schlumberger

Galen Dino, Dino Engineering

Mark Egan, Retired

Alexandre Emerick, Petrobras

Niall Fleming, Equinor

Stephen Goodyear, Shell

Subodh Gupta, Cenovus

Omer M. Gurpinar, Schlumberger

Birger Velle Hanssen, OneSubsea

Greg Horton, Retired

Morten Iversen, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating

Leonard Kalfayan, Hess Corporation

Thomas Knode, Kirby Corporation

Sunil Kokal, Saudi Aramco

Douglas Lehr, Baker Hughes

Silviu Livescu, Baker Hughes

Shouxiang (Mark) Ma, Saudi Aramco

John Macpherson, Baker Hughes

R.V. Marathe, Consultant

Stéphane Menand, DrillScan

Graham Mensa-Wilmot, Chevron

Jordan Mimoun, ExxonMobil

Rohit Mittal, Boston Consulting Group

Badrul H. Mohamed Jan, University of Malaya

Keshav Narayanan, BHP Billiton

Ehsaan Nasir, Baker Hughes

Ardian Nengkoda, Saudi Aramco

Yagna Oruganti, Baker Hughes

Barbara Pribyl—Chairperson, Santos

Zillur Rahim, Saudi Aramco

Martin Rylance, BP

Robello Samuel, Halliburton

Otto L. Santos, Louisiana State University

Luigi A. Saputelli, Frontender Corporation

Pallav Sarma, Tachyus

Greg Stephenson, Occidental Petroleum

Rosa Swartwout, Baker Hughes

Mike Weatherl, Well Integrity

Scott Wilson, Ryder Scott Company

Jonathan Wylde, Clariant Oil Services

Robert Ziegler, Weatherford

JPT Staff

  • Glenda E. Smith, Publisher
  • Pam Boschee, JPT Managing Editor
  • Chris Carpenter, Technology Editor
  • Judy Feder, Technology Editor
  • Trent Jacobs, Digital Editor
  • Anjana Sankara Narayanan, Editorial Manager
  • Stephen Rassenfoss, Emerging Technology Senior Editor
  • Adam Wilson, Special Publications Editor
  • Jim Klingele, Director of Sales, North America
  • Mary Jane Touchstone, Print Publishing Manager
  • David Grant, Digital Publishing Manager
  • Laurie Sailsbury, Composition Specialist
  • Dennis Scharnberg, Proofreader


SPE encourages open and objective discussion of technical and professional subjects pertinent to the interests of the Society. Society publications shall contain no judgmental remarks or opinions as to the technical competence, personal character, or motivations of any individual, company, or group. Any material which, in the publisher’s opinion, does not meet the standards for objectivity, pertinence, and professional tone will be returned to the contributor with a request for revision before publication. SPE accepts advertising (print and electronic) for goods and services that, in the publisher’s judgment, address the technical or professional interests of its readers. SPE reserves the right to refuse to publish any advertising it considers to be unacceptable.


JPT welcomes submissions of articles from both SPE members and non-members as well as from veteran and less experienced writers. JPT's objectives are to provide information about the latest upstream technology developments and applications, oil and gas industry news and trends, and other news and ideas pertinent to the E&P professional.

SPE maintains the highest editorial standards in its publications and expects guest authors to adhere to those standards. Guest articles should be written for the interest and benefit of JPT readers, which includes the entire SPE membership and is made up of engineers, geoscientists, managers, executives, consultants, and academia. Articles should not be written to promote a particular product or company.

General Guidelines

Article submissions should be submitted in electronic format in Microsoft Word 12-point type and double-spaced. Omit page formatting and style codes. Spell out all units of measure and acronyms. Mention of trade and service marks is generally discouraged.

A short bio of the author—including current job title, company or organization, previous relevant jobs, degrees earned, and universities attended—and a photo of the author if available also should be included as separate attachments. The byline should include the author’s name, current job title, company, and note whether the person is a current member of SPE.

SPE’s Style Guide—which offers guidelines on usage, punctuation, abbreviations, and numbering of references and tables—can be found here:  SPE Style Guide 

SPE’s rules of style are intended to promote clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and consistency. Because JPT has a global readership, it is important to avoid local terminology and to adhere to widely accepted modes of English expression. Clear writing is essential for the comprehension of readers from numerous geographic regions, nationalities, and language backgrounds. The use of equations and references should be kept to a minimum.

JPT does not accept articles that have been printed in other publications/websites or that have been simultaneously submitted to other publications/websites for review. It is understood that the article submitted is the author’s original work and contains no plagiarism or copyright violations.

JPT reserves the right to edit submitted articles; however, authors will be notified if significant editing changes are needed. Every attempt is made to preserve the integrity and voice of the original work.

Photos and Graphics

Photos and graphics, such as charts and tables, can be valuable additions because they attract the reader’s eye and clarify complex material. Color photos and graphics are preferred. They should be sent as separate attachments and not embedded in text.

Photos and graphics should be high resolution of at least 300 dpi and sent in jpg, tif, bmp, or eps format. Power Points are acceptable. Tables, charts, and figures should be clear and easy to read and follow the numbering and abbreviation guidelines laid out in the SPE Style Guide. Letters and numbers should be clear. Figure captions should be listed at the end of the article text and numbered sequentially in the order that they appear in the article.

Photos also should have individual captions, which clearly describe what is taking place in the photo, where the photo was taken, and include any necessary photo credit. Authors accept responsibility for obtaining the necessary rights to any photo or graphic.

Please contact Acting JPT Editor Pam Boschee via email or 713.457.6833 before submitting an article or if you have any any questions regarding JPT’s editorial guidelines.


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