Topics Set for 2016–2017 Distinguished Lecturer Season

With speakers from a variety of disciplines and professions, the program focuses on industry trends, challenges, and technology applications. The following topics, speakers, and technical discipline area will be presented during the 2016–17 Distinguished Lecturer season. For a complete topic description and author bios, please visit

Creating a Worldwide Unconventional Revolution Through a Technically Driven Strategy

Basak Kurtoglu, Citigroup Investment Bank—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Lessons Learned, How NOT to Do Drilling Automation

Bill Koederitz, GK Plus Innovations—Drilling

Evaluating Completion Options to Maximize Value

Dan GibsonCompletions

Operational Geochemistry at Work: Integrate or Perish!

Daniel McKinney, Shell—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

The Value and the Danger of Complex Reservoir Simulations

Daniel Yang, Shell Canada—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Incorporating Numerical Simulation Into Your Reserves Estimation Process: A Practical Perspective

Dean Rietz, Ryder Scott Company Petroleum Consultants—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Verifying Performance and Capability of New Technology for Surface and Subsurface Facilities

Ed Grave, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company—Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Energy Policy: Is it Effective? Is it Fair?

Frank Blaskovich, Blaskovich Services Inc.—Management and Information

The Digital Oilfield–Collaborative Working at Global Scale

Frans VandenBerg, Shell Global Solutions International—Management and Information

Performance Drilling Expectations, Perceptions, and Path Forward–Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Graham Mensa-Wilmot, Chevron Energy Technology Company—Drilling

The Role of Natural Fractures in Shale Gas Production: What Does Production Data Tell Us?

Ian Walton, Energy & Geoscience Institute, University of Utah—Production and Operations

Improving Reservoir Simulation Modeling with Seismic Attributes

Isabela Falk, Schlumberger—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

“Fooled by Randomness”: Improving Decision Making With Limited Data

Jim Gouveia, Rose & Associates—Management and Information

Does Heavy Oil Recovery Need Steam?

Johan van Dorp, Shell—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Automation of the Drilling System: What Has Been Done, What is Being Done, and Why It is Important

John Macpherson, Baker Hughes—Drilling

Deepwater Managed Pressure Drilling and Well Drillability, Efficiency, and Process Safety

Julmar Shaun Sadicon Toralde, Weatherford—Drilling

Integrated Reservoir Modelling in Carbonates–Quo Vadis?

Jürgen Grötsch, Shell Global Solutions International—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Integration from Multiple Disciplines in Horizontal Well Evaluations to Increase Production in Organic Rich Shales

Kevin Fisher, Schlumberger—Completions

Drilling Dynamics–Five Fundamental Questions Answered

Liam Lines, Weatherford—Drilling

The Science and Economics of Multiphase Flow

Mack Shippen, Schlumberger—Production and Operations

How Can Microfracturing Improve Reservoir Management?

Mayank Malik, Chevron Energy Technology Company—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Applications and Advantages of Logging-While-Drilling in High Angle and Horizontal Wells

Michael Gillen, Baker Hughes—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Stress Shadows: How and Why They Can Affect Hydraulic Fracturing in Both Conventional and Unconventional Shale Plays

Neal Nagel, OilField Geomechanics—Completions

Prediction and Management of Fines Migration for Enhanced Oil & Gas Production

Pavel Bedrikovetsky, University of Adelaide—Production and Operations

Two Vital Secrets for Building Better Type Wells

Randy Freeborn, Energy Navigator Inc.—Management and Information

Creating Value from Uncertainty and Flexibility

Reidar B. Bratvold, University of Stavanger—Management and Information

Human Factors in Barrier Thinking

Ronald McLeodHealth, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility

In-Situ Wettability Utilizing Low Gradient Magnetic Resonance

Oluwasegun Jebutu, Baker Hughes—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Dry Hole Analysis: What I Have Learnt About the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry from My Failures

Steve MackieManagement and Information

Borehole Seismic Solutions for Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring

Steve Morice, Shell—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Minimize Operational Risk Using Shared Geomechanical Earth Model

Surej Kumar Subbiah, Schlumberger—Completions

Your Field is Getting Older: Is Your Process Engineering Still Cost Effective?

Wally Georgie Maxoil Solutions—Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Topics Set for 2016–2017 Distinguished Lecturer Season

17 August 2016

Volume: 68 | Issue: 9

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