Legion of Honor

SPE welcomes 128 members into the Legion of Honor, which celebrates 50 years of ­consecutive membership in the Society. Each honoree becomes dues exempt and receives a commemorative plaque marking the milestone. The honorees are listed below under their respective sections.

Amarillo Petroleum Section

Keith A. Selinger

Appalachian Petroleum Section

Ronald L. Hooser

Austin Section

William J. Barlett

Glenn E. George

Thomas B. Smith

Balcones Section

David S. Sims

Bartlesville Section

Kent Thomas

Billings Petroleum Section

James F. Logar

John G. Evans III

Calgary Section

Wesley Abel

Albert F. Balasch

Holland J. Berry

Tibor Fekete

California Coastal Section

Myles P. Monroe

Donald Allan Yunker

Dallas Section

Dan K. Adamson

David C. Arndt

Morgan L. Crow

Carl A. Dimon

John A. Johnson

Richard R. Lindsly

Ned G. Mahfouz

Richard D. Rinehart

Doyle T. Stogner Jr.

Delta Section

Robert Nicholson Jr.

Norman L. Porterfield

Ralph J. Rowalt

Kenneth B. Wisdom

Denver Section

Thomas C. Doughty

Duane I. Graham

Jerry R. Jargon

Walter A. King

Walter C. Pearson Jr.

Layle L. Robb

J. A. Snell

John A. Turley

Delton E. Veatch

James R. White

East Texas Section

James D. Culver

Thomas M. Mobley

Edwin L. Wilbanks

Egyptian Section

Ismail Moftah

Evangeline Section

Gerald Blankenship

Donald E. Claxton

Forth Worth Section

Karl K. Lafleur

Daniel C. Murphy

Golden Gate Section

John E. Davis

Arshad M. Khan

Walter C. Miller

Gulf Coast Section

William E. Babyak

Allen C. Barron

Robert F. Boggus

Paul E. Cameron Jr.

Marshall P. Cloyd

Virgil R. Cole Jr.

Theodore C. Doerr

Clifford W. Dye

Mudafar M. El Saleh

Hugh G. Evans

Josef A. Galoostian

Harold E. Gilliland

George A. Helland Jr.

Ferdinando Juon

Donald E. Lanman

Willie L. Lyon

Jack Marshall

Richard M. Mckinley

Dan Mendell III

F. Tim Pease

Espy P. Price Jr.

Jim D. Reatherford

Jon E. Riseden

Robert W. Sears

R. W. Sitton

Grover D. Smith

Vollie W. Sponseller

John F. Treckman

Marvin L. Trice Jr.

Donald E. Vandenberg

Russell Vanbiber Jr.

Gordon L. Wright

Milton L. Gillespie

Hobbs Petroleum Section

Donald L. Garey

London Section

Patrick D. McCullough

Los Angeles Basin Section

Parker B. Kemp

Dennis R. Luna

Rajendra N. Upadhyay

Lou-Ark Section

Henry F. Anderson

Dwain Carder

Mid-Continent Section

Lewis C. Beach

Ralph W. Everett

Vaughan W. Rhoades

Mississippi Section

Robert E. Crumb

Terry A. Tigrett Jr.

National Capital Section

Richard F. Meyer

George J. Stosur

New York and New England Petroleum Section

Alton J. Nute

No Section Established in Area

Michael A. Martinez

William A. Page

Shri B. Mathur

North Texas Section

Roy T. Pitcock

Northern West Virginia Section

Thomas H. Oz

Oklahoma City Section

Rex D. Duhon

Bill B. Hinkle

James A. Mazza Jr.

Glen A. Waugh

G. Bing Wines

Jon R. Withrow

Pacific Northwest Section

Stephen Pye

Permian Basin Section

Donald L. Bishop

Terrell D. Clay

Robert L.Halvorsen

James D. McClaine

Joe C. Neal

James F. O’Briant Jr.

Thomas B. O’Brien

Charles R. Pearson

Edward E. Stark Jr.

Cloyce A. Talbott

Bob P. Young

Roswell Section

Peyton Yates Jr.

San Joaquin Valley Section

William Edward Derose

Southwest Oklahoma Section

Reginald M. Lasater

Spain Section

Angus G. Marshall

Warrior Basin Section

Richard T. Chamblin

Western Slope Section

Ronald C. Turell

Wichita Petroleum Section

Frank E. Novy

Rolland J. Patrick

Legion of Honor

01 October 2014

Volume: 66 | Issue: 10

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