Health, Safety, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Stakeholders—especially those who do not like the oil and gas industry—have great expectations and are creative. We need to be more creative than they are. Does that mean that we need to do more? Certainly. But, more importantly, we need to do it better. And better sometimes means simpler. Complexity is a poison, a smoke screen that prevents us from seeing the picture correctly and making the right decision.

The journey continues. That was the motto of the last SPE International Conference on Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), which took place in Long Beach, California, 5 months ago. It underlines that HSE is not perceived anymore simply as a priority (as it was 10 years ago) but as both an asset and a value, and that we are on that road for years. HSE will disappear from our radar screen only when we have integrated it fully into our culture, when it becomes as natural as swimming or cycling, something that may not be instinctive but, once we have learned it, once a coach and practice have instilled it in us, it is in each of us, once and for all. Will it be definitively incorporated? Not really. If we do not practice, we will forget it, as happens with foreign languages. And that is because HSE culture is not a natural language. Not only do we have to learn it, but, on top of that, it evolves. New techniques and new challenges emerge every year.

The HSE conference in Long Beach was attended by more than a thousand professionals. Many high-quality technical sessions were presented, and plenary and panel sessions addressed the current status and shaped the future. Nongovernmental organizations attended, challenged us, and had a chance to see what the industry really does. I encourage you to look at OnePetro, the SPE online library, and download papers. You will not waste your time. Some are really good. You will find updates on best practices, case studies, new technologies, and much more. Competency is the cornerstone of good HSE performance, and we must strive at being up to date.

This Month's Technical Papers

Wireless H2S Sensor Uses Nanotechnology To Improve Safety In Oil and Gas Facilities

Inherent Flaws in Risk Matrices May Preclude Them From Being Best Practices

Recommended Practice for Reliability, Technical Risk, and Integrity Management

Validation of a Biological-Monitoring Design in Highly Diverse Tropical Forests

Water-Resource-Management Guide Offers Method for Identifying, Managing Risk

Control-System Cybersecurity: Staying Ahead of Evolving Threats

Program Ranks Musculoskeletal Risk of Operating Valves in Process Industries

Group To Examine Potential Health Effects From Producing Unconventional Resources

Recommended Additional Reading

SPE 166640 Total Risk Approach by Dimitri A. Schellings, Shell

SPE 168575 HSE Assessments of Nonoperated Joint Ventures by Operational Excellence Audit Group, Chevron

OTC 24085 An Expert-Panel Review of Geotechnical Site-Investigation Regulations and Current Industry State of Practice by Alan G. Young, Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, et al.

SPE 167841 The Future of Telemedicine in Oil and Gas by K. Thorvik, St. Olav’s Hospital, et al.

OTC 25230 Challenges in a Multidisciplinary Approach for Explosion Design of FLNG by Laurent Paris, Technip, et al.

SPE/IADC 163508 Drilling-Fluid-Selection Methodology for Environmentally Sensitive Areas by Paul Burden, Tullow, et al.

SPE 168523 Recent Advances in Oil-Spill-Response Technologies by Tim Nedwed, ExxonMobil, et al.

Emmanuel Garland, SPE, is a special adviser to the HSE vice president at Total Exploration and Production. He has been SPE Technical Director for Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility and a member of the SPE Board of Directors. Garland graduated from the École Centrale de Paris and from the École Nationale des Pétroles et des Moteurs. He is a Qualified Engineer and serves on the HSE Now Editorial Advisory Board and the JPT Editorial Committee.

Health, Safety, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Emmanuel Garland, SPE, Special Adviser, Total Exploration and Production

01 August 2014

Volume: 66 | Issue: 8

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