Distinguished Lecturer Topics Set for 2017–2018 Season

With speakers from various disciplines and professions, the program focuses on industry trends, challenges, and technology applications. During the 2017–2018 Distinguished Lecturer season, the following topics, speakers, and technical discipline areas will be presented. For a complete schedule, please visit

Integrated Historical Data Workflow: Maximizing the Value of a Mature Asset
Anne Valentine,
Schlumberger—Production and Operations

Robust Kick Detection: First Step on Our Well Control Automation Journey
Brian Tarr,

Improved Oil Recovery of Mature Water Floods: Can We Have a Sizeable Impact?
Carlos Glandt
Production and Operations

Creating Geologically Realistic Models Used for Reservoir Management
Dave Stern,
ExxonMobil—Reservoir Description and Dynamics   

Illuminating Insights Into Well and Reservoir Optimization Using Fiber-Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing
David Hill,
OptaSense—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Oil and Gas Operations—Integrating the Realities of the Social License
Fernando L. Benalcazar,
APD Proyectos—Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Wellbore Integrity Restoration: New Life for Old Wells
Greg Galloway,
Weatherford—Production and Operations

Isotropy: A Fatal Assumption in Shale Geomechanics
Hamed Soroush,
Dong Energy—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

The Future Role of Oil
Iskander Diyashev, PetroSkills—Management and Information

Measuring Land Drilling Performance
John B. Willis, Occidental—Drilling

Developments in Heavy-Oil EOR for the Era of Low Oil Pricing
Jose Gonzalo Flores,
Consultant—Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Surfactant Chemistry and Its Impact on Oil and Gas Recovery From Shale Plays
Liang Xu,

Operational Decision Making: What Makes a Decision ‘Good’?
Margaret Crichton,
People Factor Consultants—Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Moving Beyond Stereotypes and Bias: Multiculturalism Starts Within
Maria Angela Capello,
Kuwait Oil Company—Management and Information

Minimizing Environmental and Safety Risks To Sustain Resource Recovery—A Case Study
Marina Voskanian,
California State Lands Commission—Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Automated Interpretation of Wireline and LWD Formation Testing Dynamic Data
Mark Proett,
Aramco Services Company—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Petrophysical Rock Typing—A Solution for Modeling Heterogeneous Reservoirs
Mark Skalinski,
Chevron—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Optimizing Liquid Recoveries From Shales Through Geologic, Geomechanical, Fluid, and Operating Considerations
Milind Deo,
University of Utah—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Adopting New Technologies To Enhance Stimulation Efficiency: Biodegradable Diverters
Mojtaba Pordel Shahri,

Essential Prerequisites for Maximizing Success From Big Data
Muhammad Khakwani,
Saudi Aramco—Management and Information

Breaking Down Conventional Barriers With Managed Pressure Drilling
Patrick Brand,
Blade Energy Partners—Drilling

Ethane-Based EOR: An Innovative and Profitable Opportunity for a Low Oil-Price Environment
Patrick L. McGuire,
International Reservoir Technologies—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Coiled Tubing Real-Time Monitoring: A New Era of Well Intervention and Workover Optimization
Pierre Ramondenc,
Schlumberger—Production and Operations

Waterflood Design and Operational Best Practices
R. Scot Buell,
Chevron—Production and Operations

The Intersection of Environment and EOR: How Carbon Capture is Changing Tertiary Recovery
Robert Balch,
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology—Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Fracturing Without a Drop of Water—Lessons Learned Fracturing With LPG
Robert Lestz,
eCorp International—Completions

Lost Circulation—A Challenge We Must Address
Salim Taoutaou,

Evaluating the Selection and Use of Polymers in Environmentally Conscious Areas
Samuel Lewis,
Halliburton—Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Integrating Geomechanics With Operational Practices Improves Extended-Reach Drilling Performance
See Hong Ong,
Baker Hughes—Drilling

Deepwater Cementing—From Challenges to Zonal Isolation
Shailesh Dighe,
Baker Hughes—Drilling

Using Fractals To Determine a Reservoir’s Hydrocarbon Distribution
Steve Cuddy,
Baker Hughes—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Estimation of Shale Gas and Oil Properties Based on Field Data
Tao Yang,
Statoil—Reservoir Description and Dynamics

The Importance of Contact, Conductivity, and Connectivity in Multifractured Horizontal Wells
Wadhah Al-Tailji,

Shale Development—Does Cheap Energy Really Mean Flaming Tap Water?
William Fleckenstein,
Colorado School of Mines—Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Distinguished Lecturer Topics Set for 2017–2018 Season

01 July 2017

Volume: 69 | Issue: 7

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