Legion of Honor Inductees

After 50 years of continuous membership in SPE, a member is automatically inducted into the Legion of Honor. The following members (listed by section) have reached that status in 2017.

Alaska Section
Ross Warner

Amarillo Petroleum

Sterling Seitz

Argentine Petroleum

Anthony Binning
Saul Ziperovich

Austin Section    
Daniel O’Donnell
Henry Straw

Balcones Section
Inmann Dabney
Scott Wilkinson

Calgary Section    
Frederick Majocha
G. Khoury Haddad
James Eickmeier
John Middelveen

California Coastal Section
Santanu Ghose

Caracas Petroleum

Horacio Avendano

Dallas Section    
Augustus Payne
Bradford Sinex
Clifford Thomson
Denny Bullard
Harry Turner
Rex Coppedge

Delta Section    
Enoch Dawkins
Pat Ketcham
William Folsom

Denver Section    
A. Goedeker
D. Manley
Douglas Wood
Emory Sampson
Jack McClellan
James Baird
Joseph White
Michael Holmes
Richard Collins
Roland Blauer
Thomas Van Akkeren

East Texas Section
Edward Fritcher
Ian Howrie
Jerome Branton

Evangeline Section    
John Jaschke

Fort Worth Section    
James Greve
Norman Bryant

Golden Gate Section    
Frank Mccaffery

Gulf Coast Section     
Allen Neighbors
Barry Faulkner
Bill Capdevielle
Bob Pace
C. Stokley
Calvin Kessler
Carl Johnson
Carl Veley
Charles Green
Clifton Stewart
Clyde Baldwin
David Montague
Donald Ellison
Donald Jones
E.C. Thomas
Edward Earles
George Baskin
George Hirasaki
George Hite
Gerald Argall
H. Campbell
Ilhan Sener
James Dobbs
James Hickman
James Trickett
James Watson
James Webb
Jerry Gause
John Bugg
John Istvan
John Kleinhans
Joseph Kilchrist
Kermitt Walrond
Lawrence Schilhab
Lloyd Branum
Mario Zamora
Mark Hemmen
Mohammed Zahiruddin
Oscar Atkins
Richard Eyler
Robert Moses
Robert Pittman
Ronald Haley
Ronald Rivers
Ross Spencer
Stanley Christman
Steven Whiteside
Thomas Fuller
Thomas Rankin
Thomas Wurl
Tommie Yates
Walter Dowdle
William Gray

Illinois Basin Section    
Dale Holloman
George Payne

London Section    
William Loth

Los Angeles Basin

Benjamin Gillette
Glenn Carson
Robert Ehrlich

Lou-Ark Section    
Hubert Watts
John Sutey

Mexico Section    
M. Trujillo Del Valle

Michigan Section    
Earl Schmidt

Mid-Continent Section     
Larry Sweet
Robert Bradshaw
Wallace Tipsword
Will Ball

Midwest Gas Storage

Floyd Legg

Mississippi Section    
Ronald Roundtree
Victor Hvolboll

Netherlands Section    
Paul Smeenk

New South Wales/
Australian Cap Section    

Richard Dumbrell

New York and
New England
Petroleum Section

Bryan Yocum

No Established Section    
Frederick Dwight (Eastern
   North America Region)
Jerry Ross (Eastern North
   America Region)
John Reinoehl (Eastern North
   America Region)
Sammy Vaught (Eastern
   North America Region)
William Lowrie (Eastern
   North America Region)
E. Stevenson (Mid-Continent
   North America Region)
Harold Baker (Mid-Continent
   North America Region)

North Texas Section    
Gerald Ranger

Ohio Petroleum Section    
Edward Bever

Oklahoma City Section    
Dale Lollar
James Meade
James Waggoner
Kenneth Kysar
L.G. Langley
Lawrence Towell
Richard Bogert
Rick Clark

Pacific Northwest Section
Gary Hammon
Richard Shafer

Permian Basin Section    
A. Jasper
Donnie Brown

Pittsburgh Section
Robert Woods

San Joaquin Valley Section    
James Dietrich

Victoria and Tasmania

Richard Lightfoot

Wichita Petroleum

Dwayne McCune

Williston Basin Section    
Gerald Christensen

Wyoming Petroleum

Dennis Brabec


Legion of Honor Inductees

01 August 2017

Volume: 69 | Issue: 8

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