17 July: JPT Quiz—Do you Really Know E&P? Answers and Explanation

Diamond Offshore recently said it is equipping its drilling rigs with blockchain, which is a

  1. Distributed ledger
  2. Lift system
  3. Relational database
  4. Currency generator

Correct Answer: Distributed ledger

Explanation: Already well-known in the financial sector, blockchain is a peer-to-peer network technology that uses a shared electronic ledger to enable trustworthy interactions between parties.

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A recent offshore auction in Norway showed that the Barents Sea is a hot oil play, despite being in the Arctic. It is possible to explore there because of

  1. Norwegians are used to it
  2. Global warming
  3. Exploration incentives
  4. The North Atlantic Current

Correct Answer: The North Atlantic Current

Explanation: While Norwegians are adept at working in the harsh conditions there, the warm waters brought by the North Atlantic Current significantly reduces the challenges compared with other places that far north.

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The US called for other countries to stop buying oil from Iran whose biggest customer is

  1. China
  2. India
  3. South Korea
  4. Turkey

Correct Answer: China

Explanation: The US Energy Information Administration said China was easily Iran’s biggest customer in 2017 followed by India and South Korea.

BP’s largest gas find ever is

  1. Shah Deniz
  2. West Nile Delta
  3. Thunder Horse
  4. Khazzan

Correct Answer: Shah Deniz

Explanation: The offshore field in the Caspian off Kazakhstan is BP's largest gas discovery and recently went into production.

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A recent survey found that the type of facilities most likely to be “super emitters” of methane are

  1. Pumps
  2. Liquid storage tanks
  3. Separators
  4. Compressors

Correct Answer: Liquid storage tanks

Explanation: A study by the Environmental Defense Fund said 90% of its top, single sources of methane emissions were venting storage tanks.

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17 July: JPT Quiz—Do you Really Know E&P? Answers and Explanation

17 July 2018

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