Can a Cube Save Some Hits? And Other Innovation Questions - Answers and Explanations

Competing companies often have different names for the same new thing. Which of these is not a name used by companies fracturing many unconventional wells at generally the same time and place?

  1. Optimized sequenced development

  2. Tank style completions

  3. Cube development

  4. Supersized pads

Answer: Supersized pads

Explanation: Encana’s Cube label is the most used one, while others call them tanks or optimized sequence development. Supersized pads was a description used by the author of this JPT story.

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The British Royal Engineers designed and installed what offshore first after the Normandy invasion as part of Operation Pluto?

  1. Jackup

  2. Flexible subsea pipeline

  3. Floating platform

  4. Umbilical

Answer: Flexible subsea pipeline

Explanation: During Operation Pluto, the Royal Engineers laid the pipeline across the English Channel to fuel the Allied Army after the D-Day invasion.

Caudrilla Resources recently reached a milestone by getting the final permit needed to fracture two horizontal gas wells in the UK, with laterals about how long?

  1. 2,500 ft

  2. 3,300 ft

  3. 5,000 ft

  4. 6,500 ft

The permits will allow Caudrilla to fracture the first two horizontal shale gas wells in the UK, one with a 750 m lateral and the other an 800 m long, around 2,500 ft, according to the company.

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When using machine learning to evaluate completions, Pioneer Natural Resources reported one information type short circuits its ability to evaluate other variables. What is that information?

  1. Well locations

  2. Pounds/foot of sand

  3. Lateral lengths

  4. Fluid type

Answer: Well locations

Explanation: Pioneer experts warned in this story that well names or the county names when provided tend to “short circuit” consideration of more quantifiable performance drivers in the models.

A deal between Equinor and Ambyint will mean that hundreds of Bakken wells will be equipped with pump control devices using edge computing, which is

  1. Cutting edge technology

  2. Data processing at site

  3. Setting an edge on pump rate

  4. Using Oracle Edge cloud

Answer: Data processing at site

Explanation: While it does set the pump rate, edge computing refers to using on-site computing to process high-frequency data, bringing down the bandwidth needed to upload data to the cloud-based system.

Can a Cube Save Some Hits? And Other Innovation Questions - Answers and Explanations

07 August 2018