New Distinguished Lecturer Schedule Announced

With speakers from various disciplines and professions, the program focuses on industry trends, challenges, and technology applications and advances. During the 2019–2020 Distinguished Lecturer season, the following topics and speakers will be presented. For a calendar of the lecturer schedule, please go to

Understanding Geochemical Controls: A Key to Enhanced Reservoir Characterization and Management

Khaled Arouri, Saudi Aramco EXPEC Advanced Research Center

Alternatives to Radionuclide-Based Well Logging Techniques—Are They Real or Just Wishful Thinking?

Ahmed Badruzzaman, Pacific Consultants and Engineers

Sustainability in Action: Bringing It Home, Making It Real!

Linda A. Battalora, Colorado School of Mines

Production Optimization of Conventional and Unconventional Wells With ESP Real Time Data

Lawrence Camilleri, Schlumberger

Coupling Downhole and Surface Fluid Measurements to Reveal Fluids Distribution While Drilling

Ilaria De Santo, Schlumberger

EOR While Fracturing: Unconventional Rock-Fluid Interactions

Hassan Dehghanpour, University of Alberta

Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS): Maintaining the Global Standard and Addressing Key Concerns

Dan DiLuzio, East Shore Investments

Rotary Steerable Systems Current Trends and Future Directions

Geoff Downton, Schlumberger

“Reservoir Engineering While Drilling” in Horizontal Wells

Shahid Azizul Haq, Schlumberger

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for Unconventional Reservoirs: The Next Big Thing?

B. Todd Hoffman, Montana Tech

Toolkit for Making Better Decisions when Faced With Ethical Dilemmas

C. Susan Howes, Subsurface Consultants & Associates

Magnetic Resonance Technology: From Medical to the Oil Industry

Gabor Hursan, Saudi Aramco

Using the Movement of Fluids in Geological Time to Improve Reservoir Characterization

Bruce James, retired  

Behind Casing/Tubing Opportunities Identified From Cased Hole Water Saturation Measurements

Long Jiang, Schlumberger

Compositional Simulation That is Truly Compositional

Russell T. Johns, Pennsylvania State University

Integrated Approaches to Determining Net Pay: Caveats and Lessons Learned

John Kaldi, Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide

Drilling Optimization Revisited: How Close are We to Drilling Optimization While Drilling (DOWD)?

Vassilios Kelessidis, Consultant

Using Advanced Geomechanical Analysis to Define Practical Cut-Offs for Sand Management Decisions

Abbas Khaksar, Baker Hughes, a GE company

Vulnerability and Management of Water Injectors

Kazeem A. Lawal, FIRST Exploration & Petroleum Development Company

Development of Organic Shales Outside North America

Hai Liu, Schlumberger

Drilling Decision Management in the Age of Drilling Automation

Richard Meehan, Schlumberger

How Resilient Are We? An Examination of the Vulnerabilities of Upstream and Downstream Infrastructure to Natural Disasters and its Mitigation Effort

Hitesh Mohan, INTEK

Asphaltene Gradients, Connectivity and Tar Mats All Treated by Simple Chemistry and Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics

Oliver C. Mullins, Schlumberger

Marginal Fields: How to Maximize Profit and Minimize Risk

John Pringle, Bluefin Petroleum

Engineered Well Design: From Spud to Abandonment

Hussain Rabia, Entrac Petroleum

A Performance-Based Approach for Developing Upstream Professionals

Salam Salamy, Saudi Aramco

Field Applications of Capacitance-Resistance Models in Waterfloods: A Decade Review

Morteza Sayarpour, Chevron

Driving Conformance Success Through Better Problem Understanding and a Process Approach

David D. Smith, ConocoPhillips  

Data Analytics With Human Intelligence: Outlier Analysis for Decoding Unconventional Plays

Ben Stephenson, Shell

Root Cause and Mitigation for Sand Production

Surej Subbiah, Schlumberger

Thriving in a Lower for Longer Environment

Mary Van Domelen, Van Domelen International

Enhancing Fluid Recovery in Shales: Why Pores Less Than 10nm Matter

Gregory Walker, Repsol

What Happens When Heavy Oil and Solvent Mix?

Harvey Yarranton, University of Calgary

New Distinguished Lecturer Schedule Announced

18 June 2019

Volume: 71 | Issue: 7

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