Formation Evaluation

Formation evaluation drew ­special attention at the 2019 International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) Education Week in Beijing, 24–28 March. The student team that worked on Integrated Formation Evaluation for Resources Exploration and Reservoir Delineation won the first-place award. Congratulations, team!

The main objectives of the IPTC Education Week are to provide university students an opportunity to work on technical projects, establish and extend professional networks, and interact with industry leaders. It is an excellent way of engaging the current with the future for oil and gas professionals and their businesses.

For the 2019 IPTC Education Week, hundreds of applications were received and 64 top students majoring in science, geoscience, and engineering were selected by the Education Week Committee to participate in the program, representing 49 universities in 23 countries. The students were divided into small multidisciplinary teams, each mentored by an industry subject-matter expert. The teams spent several months working together virtually on projects identified by the committee.

The program received strong support from industry leaders; the chairman of the IPTC Board of Directors and the presidents of the IPTC sponsoring organizations participated in the opening ceremony and networked with students. SPE President Sami Alnuaim led the Day 1 panel session with industry executives and discussed the concept of citizen engineering. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event for the students to participate in IPTC major events and visit state-of-the-art research facilities such as the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development of the China National Petroleum Corporation.

The big test came on the last day of the IPTC Education Week. Ten teams presented their work in front of five industry judges. On the basis of technical presentations, interactive quizzes were also conducted to enhance learning. The three winning teams were honored at the IPTC closing ceremony by industry leaders. It was a memorable event for all involved, especially the students.

Before the IPTC Education Week was over, preparation for the 2020 Dhahran IPTC Education Week had already begun. Stay tuned, and you are most welcome to join us in Saudi Arabia in January.

This Month's Technical Papers

Work Flow Determines Petrophysical Properties From As-Received Core Samples

Gamma-Ray-Tool Characterization Approach Avoids Traditional Limitations

Characterization of Volcanic Reservoirs Requires Comprehensive NMR Tests

Recommended Additional Reading

SPE 191681 How Different Density-Neutron LWD Tool Responses Can Affect the Formation-Evaluation Approach by Federica Di Maggio, Eni, et al.

SPE 191662 Using Drill Cuttings To Enhance Characterization and Description of Tight Carbonate Reservoirs by Ahmed Salim, Saudi Aramco, et al.

SPE 193539 Characterization of Type and Maturity of Organic Matter in Source Rock by In-Situ Electrical Heating and Temperature Transient Analysis by Kyung Jae Lee, University of Houston

Shouxiang (Mark) Ma, SPE, is a senior consultant overseeing research, technology, and professional development with the Reservoir Description Division of Saudi Aramco. Ma was supervisor of the Petrophysical Support and Study Unit, petrophysics adviser at the Upstream Professional Development Center, and petrophysical lead for logging operations. Before joining Saudi Aramco in 2000, he worked at the Exxon Production Research Company, Wyoming Western Research Institute, New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center, and China Yangtze University. Ma has authored or coauthored more than 60 technical papers and holds several patents. He serves on the JPT Editorial Committee, the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) Board of Directors for the Middle East and Africa, and is vice president of the SPWLA Saudi Arabia Chapter. Ma was chairperson of the 2018 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition Formation Evaluation Committee, the 2019 International Petroleum Technology Conference Education Week Committee, and the 2012–13 SPE Formation Evaluation Award Committee. He holds a BS degree from China Petroleum University and MS and PhD degrees from New Mexico Tech, all in petroleum engineering. Ma can be reached at

Formation Evaluation

Shouxiang (Mark) Ma, SPE, Senior Consultant, Saudi Aramco

01 August 2019

Volume: 71 | Issue: 8

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