Legion of Honor

SPE welcomes 86 members into the Legion of Honor, which observes 50 years of consecutive membership in the Society. Each honoree becomes dues-exempt and receives a commemorative plaque marking the milestone. The honorees are listed below under their respective sections.

Amarillo Petroleum Section
Robert D. Grace

Argentine Petroleum Section
Benjamin Coca

Austin Section
Larry D. McVay
Rex G. Howell

Brazil Section
Newton R. Monteiro
Chennai Section
Braj Nandan

Colombian Section
Florencio Hernandez

Dallas Section
Thomas R. Sifferman
Donald H. Burks
Nelson N. Molina
Philip J. Kreick

Delta Section
James E. Lockwood
Roger D. Linder
Ruel Toups Jr.

Denver Section
John D. Wright
Fabian Oritsebemigho Iwere
James C. Howell

East Texas Section
John A. Musselman
Larry G. Wright

Eastern North America Region
James S. Martin
John E. Peterson Jr.

Evangeline Section
Jack C. Hisaw

Fort Worth Section
Glenn A. Picquet
Leonard West
Franklin A. Hamisch
Jon P. Stephenson

Four Corners Petroleum Section
Douglas W. Hilchie

Golden Gate Section
Hugo Vargas

Gulf Coast Section
Paul N. Stanton
Donald L. Whitfill
Edward J. Hrkel
James C. Erdle
Peter A. Behr
Archie Thompson Jr.
James P. Noser
Prentice R. Owen
Robert N. Bradford
Allan L. Drewa
Alok Jain
Ernest L. Grebe II
Fred R. Holasek
Hal B. Fullerton IV
J. Michael Gatlin
James A. Kishpaugh
John F. Greenip
John L. Morgan
Lamar E. Loyd
Larry J. Kinler

Larry Jay Jenkins
Michael D. Keyes
Olin R. Holt
Richard G. Ghiselin
Robert N. Tuttle
Samuel J. Byington

Illinois Basin Section
Robert C. Herr III
London Section
David W. Garford

Los Angeles Basin Section
Mahmoodur Rahman

Lou-Ark Section
Randal Lewis
Warner T. Smith

Michigan Section
David W. Tongue

Mid-Continent Section
Kenneth L. Haack
Larry O. Miller
Phillip W. Terry
Walter M. Fast

Mississippi Section
Jeff Kirkwood

National Capital Section
James C. New

North Texas Section
Donald J. Hammerlindl
Kenneth C. Haggart Jr.
Paul T. West
William M. Kincaid

Oklahoma City Section
Ernest L. Buttross Jr.
Thomas G. Farrell

Pacific Northwest Section
Russell Harold Trimble

Patagonia Section
Eduardo H. Vila

Permian Basin Section
James F. Lea Jr.
Herbert F. Boles
Joe M. Mach
Joel E. Damron
Thomas E. Gentry

Pittsburgh Section
Robert S. Metcalfe
H.B. Whitehead

Salt Lake City Section
James W. Styler

San Joaquin Valley Section
Jim Hussey

Santa Maria Section
Ted J. Gilbert Sr.

Southwest Texas Section
John W. Norris

Southwestern North America Region
Carmon H. Alexander

Vienna Basin Section
Fritz Boschitsch


Legion of Honor

01 September 2019

Volume: 71 | Issue: 9

No editorial available



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