Production Monitoring

As the industry continues to absorb the lessons, and capitalize on the possibilities, offered by big data, professionals have kept in mind that exploration is not the only boundary of the digital frontier. Production monitoring and surveillance requires heightened degrees of precision and efficiency as operations are streamlined and projects are evaluated continuously. This month’s feature highlights a trio of papers focused on innovative technologies that have been implemented successfully in environments ranging from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GOM) to China’s ­ Shengli field.

Paper SPE 196188 describes third-generation production-logging-tool technology that uses miniaturization and digitalization to maximize the effect of digital sensors in deepwater fields. The tool possesses a rotating functionality that has yielded robust and accurate data in GOM case studies.

A real-time virtual flowmeter system is described in paper SPE 196654. In offshore fields, the system has provided multiple benefits, from estimation of production flow rates in a range of conditions to determination of whether multiphase flowmeters were working correctly.

The challenge presented by abnormal production decline in mature fields in China is the subject of paper SPE 197365, in which an early-warning system based upon a machine-learning technique has been used to reduce training time and guide further development strategy.

These technologies, like all others you may encounter in JPT’s Technology Focus features, are the result of our members’ hard work and willingness to share their important discoveries and insights through SPE conferences. We hope that our readers benefit from these innovations and are inspired to discover their own, perhaps by writing and presenting an SPE conference paper.

This Month's Technical Papers

Production-Logging Technologies Enhance Inflow Profiling in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Virtual Metering Tool Brings Real-Time Benefits to Production Monitoring

Machine-Learning-Based Early-Warning System Maintains Stable Production

Recommended Additional Reading

SPE 196514 Banyu Urip Reservoir Daily Well Deliverability Monitoring by Stephanie Sapti Putri Widyasari, ExxonMobil, et al.

SPE 198053 Developing the Talent of Future Petroleum Engineers by Remotely Monitoring Well Operations by Bashayer Al-Fadhli, Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, et al.

SPE 198685 Prognostics Thermal Well Management: A Review on Wellbore Monitoring and the Application of Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Steam Breakthrough Detection by Mohammad Soroush, University of Alberta, et al.

Production Monitoring

Chris Carpenter, JPT Technology Editor

01 March 2020

Volume: 72 | Issue: 3

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