SPE Announces 2018 Technical Editor Awards

Every year, SPE recognizes members who have made an exceptional effort to ensure the technical excellence of the society’s peer-reviewed journals. For their contributions, the following individuals are recipients of the 2018 Outstanding Technical Editor Award.

SPE Drilling & Completion

Glen Benge, Benge Consulting
Axel-Pierre Bois, CurtisTec
John Cook, Schlumberger Cambridge Research
David A. Curry, Technology Fellow
Matthew Goodine, BP
Evren M. Ozbayoglu, The University of Tulsa
Paul R. Paslay, Manatee
Ashok K. Santra, Aramco Services
Udaya B. Sathuvalli, Blade Energy Partners
Bailin Wu, CSIRO

SPE Journal

Babak Akbari, Louisiana State University
I. Yucel Akkutlu, Texas A&M University  
Vladimir Alvarado, University of Wyoming
Mariela Araujo Fresky, Shell
Luis F. Ayala, The Pennsylvania State University
Subhash C. Ayirala, Saudi Aramco
Ben E. Bbosa, The University of Tulsa
Steven L. Bryant, University of Calgary
Khoa Bui, Texas A&M University
Bruce S. Carey, Peters & Company
Bailian Chen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Zhiming Chen, University of Petroleum China-Beijing
Hugh Daigle, The University of Texas at Austin
Hassan Dehghanpour, University of Alberta
Egor Dontsov, The University of British Columbia
Noaman A.F. El-khatib, Consultant
D. Nicolas Espinoza, The University of Texas at Austin
Zhiqiang Fan, Desert Research Institute
Yi Fang, The Pennsylvania State University
M. Reza Fassihi, BHP Billiton  
Ebrahim Fathi, West Virginia University
Rahul-Mark Fonseca, TNO
Wayne W. Frenier, Consultant
Ming Gu, West Virginia University
Leslie E. Hajdo, LEH Energy
Chang Huang, Louisiana State University
Shan Huang, Shell
Richard D. Hutchins, Schlumberger
Saeid Khorsandi, Pometis Technology
Olwijn Leeuwenburgh, TNO
Chao Liu, Aramco Services
Xin Liu, Shell
Silviu Livescu, Baker Hughes
Sahil Malhotra, Chevron
Mark W. McClure, McClure Geomechanics
Hadi Nasrabadi, Texas A&M University
Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
Ryosuke Okuno, The University of Texas at Austin
Olufemi M. Olorode, Louisiana State University
Cigdem Omurlu, Shell
Mustafa Onur, The University of Tulsa
Erdal Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines
Alireza Rangriz Shokri, University of Alberta
Neeraj Rohilla, Dow Chemical
Zhenhua Rui, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wenyue Sun, Stanford University
Dongmei Wang, University of North Dakota
Norman R. Warpinski, Retired
Wei Yan, Technical University of Denmark
Wei Yu, Texas A&M University

SPE Production & Operations

Surendra Bateja, Consultant
John L. Bearden, Baker Hughes
Yiyan Chen, Schlumberger
Arya B. Christiawan, Schlumberger
Luud W. Dorrestijn, LEET
Niall Fleming, Equinor
Theodore C. Frankiewicz, SPEC Services
Michael J. Fuller, Chevron
Jenn-Tai Liang, Texas A&M University
Sahil Malhotra, Chevron
Anand S. Nagoo, Nagoo & Associates
Simon W. Richards, Diales  
Karthik Srinivasan, Schlumberger
Junjing Zhang, ConocoPhillips

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering

Mohammed B. Alotaibi, Saudi Aramco
Abdulkareem M. AlSofi, Saudi Aramco
Anil K. Ambastha, Chevron  
Yani C. Araujo, SGS  
Subhash C. Ayirala, Saudi Aramco
Reza Barati, University of Kansas
Clarke Bean, Chevron
Steffen Berg, Shell Global Solutions
Ronald Bonnie, ConocoPhillips Corporate Contributions
Garfield R. Bowen, Ridgeway Kite Software
Orlando Castellanos Diaz, Dow Chemical Canada
Zhiming Chen, University of Petroleum China-Beijing
Torsten Clemens, OMV Exploration & Production
Edward A. Clerke, Saudi Aramco
Peter J. Clifford, BP Exploration
Hugh Daigle, The University of Texas at Austin
Eric Delamaide, IFP Technologies Canada
William Scott Dodge, Virtual Petrophysics
Adolfo D’Windt, Kuwait Oil
Li Gao, Halliburton
Abhishek Gaurav, Texas Standard Oil   
Leo A. Giangiacomo, Extreme Petroleum Technology
Fatosh Gozalpour, Chevron
Ming Gu, West Virginia University College of Engineering
Siavash Hakim-Elahi, University of Southern California
Donald G. Hill, Hill Petrophysics and University of Southern California
Mohammad Kariznovi, Canada Husky Energy
Gavin Longmuir, Consulting Petroleum Engineers
Ranran Lu, The University of Tulsa
Mohamed Mahmoud, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Hassan Mahani, Shell
Raj Malpani, Schlumberger
David Medellin, The University of Texas at Austin
Somnath Mondal, Shell Upstream Americas
Gopi Nalla, DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Ryosuke Okuno, The University of Texas at Austin
Douglas G. Peck, BHP Billiton
Michael J. Pyrcz, The University of Texas at Austin
Rajagopal S. Raghavan, R Raghavan
David Rousseau, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Pierre Samier, Total
Randall S. Seright, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Vijay K. Shrivastava, Computer Modelling Group  
Vural S. Suicmez, Quantum Reservoir Impact
Mohammadali Tarrahi, Shell Global Solutions
Diederik W. van Batenburg, Shell Global Solutions  
Lee E. Whitebay, Whitebay and Associates
Jesse Williams-Kovacs, Consultant

SPE Honors Peer Reviewers of Technical Papers

SPE created A Peer Apart in 2007 to recognize dedicated individuals who have been involved in the peer review of 100 or more papers. Members who commit their time to peer review papers make substantial contributions to the industry’s literature by helping to ensure that the papers published in SPE’s technical journals are of the highest quality. Over time, these individuals volunteer hundreds of hours to the society, making SPE journals a valuable resource for the industry.

In 2018, six individuals joined the group, bringing the total membership of A Peer Apart to 167 dedicated members.

2018 Recipients

Williams Chirinos, Inexertus
Yildiray Cinar, Saudi Aramco
Reza Fassihi, BHP Billiton
Seung I. Kam, Louisiana State University
Sunil L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco
Vijay K. Shrivastava, Computer Modelling Group


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