Content from SPE’s Recent Journals

SPE Drilling & Completions

December 2019

SPE-174755-PA — Review and Analysis of Zonal-Isolation Effectiveness in Carbonate Reservoirs Using Multistage Stimulation Systems

SPE-194072-PA — High-Frequency At-Bit Measurements Provide New Insights Into Torsional Dynamics When Drilling With Steerable Mud Motors in Unconventional Horizontal Wells

SPE-195699-PA — A Survey of Field Experiences With Formate Drilling Fluid

SPE-192953-PA — Slimhole Unconventional Well-Design Optimization Enables Drilling Performance Improvement and Cost Reduction


SPE Production & Operations

November 2019

SPE-191513-PA — Proposal and Experimental Trials on an Autonomous Robot for Rigless Well Intervention

SPE-192393-PA — Use of Advanced Process Control for Automating Conventional Oilfield Operations


SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering

November 2019

SPE-189797-PA — Eagle Ford and Pimienta Shales in Mexico: A Case Study

SPE-190025-PA — Well-Testing Challenges in Unconventional and Tight-Gas-Formation Reservoirs

SPE-187240-PA — Improved Hydrocarbon Recovery Using Mixtures of Energizing Chemicals in Unconventional Reservoirs


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