Recent Content from SPE's Journals

SPE Journal

SPE-204225-PA — Hydraulic-Fracture-Width Inversion Using Low-Frequency Distributed-Acoustic-Sensing Strain Data—Part I: Algorithm and Sensitivity Analysis

SPE-204230-PA — Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Wolfcamp Shale by Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen Injection: An Experimental Investigation Water: Implications for Colloid Formation

SPE Production & Operations

SPE-201163-PA — Development and Testing of a Wireline-Deployed Positive-Displacement Pump for Late-Life Wells

SPE-201604-PA — Completion Effects on Diagnosing Multistage Facture Treatments with Distributed Temperature Sensing

SPE Drilling & Completions

SPE-204238-PA — Application of Nanosilica in Glycerol-Based Drilling Fluid for Shale Formations

SPE-201734-PA — One Stage Forward or Two Stages Back: What Are We Treating? Identification
of Internal Casing Erosion during Hydraulic Fracturing—A Montney Case Study Using Ultrasonic and Fiber-Optic Diagnostics

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering

SPE-204460-PA — Feasibility Study of Dual-Function Chemical
in Reducing Surfactant Adsorption and Interfacial Tension for Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Application

SPE-204226-PA — Experimental Study and Numerical Modeling of Boron Transport in Reservoir and Its Influence on Seawater-Breakthrough Calculation


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