Volume: 4 | Issue: 3

STTS Webinars Focus on Scrubber Designs

This year’s theme for the webinars organized by the SPE Separation Technology Technical Section (STTS) is scrubber designs. Basic scrubber design and internal technologies were highlighted in Jimmie Riesenberg’s webinar on “Scrubber Design for Gas-Liquid Separation: A Holistic Approach” in March.

On June 17, a webinar titled “Advances in High Capacity Internals and Performance Boosting With Inline Preseparation” will focus on high capacity internals advancements and services in which these internals may be applied.

Danny Thierens, global key account manager of upstream at Sulzer, will speak. He has been involved with separation process design since 1995 and has extensive experience in a variety of industries, including upstream oil and gas productions facilities, liquefied natural gas and other gas processing plants, oil refineries, and petrochemical units.

The oil and gas industry is always searching for ways to improve separation efficiency with smaller separators or more compact separations systems. The separations equipment manufacturers are addressing the industry’s needs in two ways.

The first is to improve the efficiency of scrubber internals, and the second is to develop inline preseparation systems. In general, enhanced separation efficiency and/or capacity can be attained when a preseparator is installed upstream of the high capacity scrubber. The preseparator is likely to be in the form of an inline cyclonic separator. Thierens will present and discuss various concepts and layouts.

The first STTS webinar is archived at

Chris Buckingham  is the STTS secretary and a program director of the fluid dynamics and multiphase flow program at Southwest Research Institute.



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