Volume: 1 | Issue: 2

Peer Reviewed Papers - Overview

Welcome to the peer-reviewed papers section of the April 2012 Oil and Gas Facilities magazine. This month’s selections provide some insight into the diversity of topics included in this discipline. For peer-review purposes, we accept papers on all aspects of onshore and offshore surface facilities design, project management, operations, and abandonment, including subsea, fixed, and floating systems. We also accept papers covering pipeline and gas facilities (including LNG, CNG, GTL, and terminals), remote monitoring and control, and issues such as offshore safety and human factors. I hope you find the following papers interesting and enlightening.

Oil and Gas Industry Megaprojects: Our Recent Track Record deals with the industry’s performance on mega­projects with emphasis on the poorer performance of the more recent projects. The challenge is how to maintain the management discipline to execute these projects in an effective manner. Many of these projects have poorer results because of the lack of integration and the push to complete them early.

First Polymer Injection in Deep Offshore Field Angola: Recent Advances in the Dalia/Camelia Field Case provides an insight into the future of field developments, and enhanced oil recovery. The improvement of oil recovery is at the heart of all energy exploitation, and this paper deals with the complexities of working offshore with new processes such as polymer injection. The operator’s choice of developing the polymer injection concurrent with field development raised many issues, and the offshore use of polymer presented significant logistic and economic challenges.

Design and Implementation of Comprehensive Tank Overfill Protection Program discusses the prediction of risk when operating storage tanks. Protecting human health and the environment is an essential requirement in the workplace. The design and implementation of a tank overfill protection program offers potential benefits in environmental, human health, community welfare, and safety performance.

Thanks to the peer-review editors for reviewing these papers. The principles behind the SPE peer-review process are to provide a fair and timely technical review of the paper at hand and to identify the most meaningful technical papers that contribute to the development of petroleum technology. Thank you very much for your continued support and participation in the Oil and Gas Facilities magazine. I’m confident you’ll enjoy this issue.

Jim Collins, Peer-Review Editor,
Oil and Gas Facilities



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