The Grand Challenge of Carbon Capture and Sequestration

NRG, an energy provider in Houston, partnered with Hilcorp Energy to construct an 80-mile pipeline to route captured carbon dioxide from a coal-fired generation plant to increase production at the West Ranch oil field, southwest of Houston. Credit: NRG.

In 2011, the SPE R&D Committee identified Carbon Capture and Sequestration as one of the five grand challenges facing the oil and gas industry. The steering committee and at-large members of the SPE Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization and the SPE R&D technical sections authored a paper examining the challenge. A condensed version of the paper was published in JPT in 2016.

Even with the wealth of experience already in place within the oil and gas industry, the obstacles to advancing CCS to the forefront of greenhouse gas mitigation technologies remain significant. The key challenges to enabling CCS include cost-effective capture and transport of industrial CO2, clear access to pore space for CO2 storage in geologic formations, proven methodologies for demonstrating storage integrity, and dissemination of best practices.

This month's set of technical paper synopses presents papers that address this topic and the latest developments in this field.

The Effect of CO2 Injection on Corrosion and Integrity of Facilities

Case Study: Design of Injection Facilities for CO2 Recovery

Galvanizing Stakeholder Support for Carbon Capture and Storage

Surface-Facilities Design for First CO2 EOR Project in Saudi Arabia

Combining Gas-to-Wire Technology With Carbon Capture and Storage



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