Public Tenders Issued for LNG Terminal Expansion in Poland

Polskie LNG

In the past 3 months, Poland (PGNiG) has signed three long-term contracts for LNG deliveries with the US firms Venture Global, Cheniere, and Sempra. Currently, Poland’s Świnoujście terminal nominal regasification capacity totals 5 Bcm of LNG yearly. A planned expansion project will increase this to 7.5 Bcm per year in 2021. The terminal is one of Europe’s busiest, operating at more than 60% of its capacity.

In 2022, Poland’s long-term contract with Gazprom is set to expire, and the terminal could be responsible for processing more than 30% of the country’s total gas consumption. Poland is also planning to complete the Baltic Pipe project by the end of 2022, the gas pipeline that will deliver up to 10 Bcm of gas yearly from Norway.

On 19 December 2018, Polskie LNG officially announced the public tender for the Świnoujście expansion that will include the addition of a third tank, additional process systems increasing the regasification capacity, and the railway loading. The procedure calls for a “design and build” formula, in which an EPC contractor will be selected. 

The scope of the planned expansion of the terminal includes three turnkey projects:

  • Regasification project consisting of the expansion of the existing LNG regasification system with two additional complete submerged combustion vaporizers heat exchangers
  • Tank project under which a new full-containment storage tank of 180,000-m3 capacity will be built
  • Railway project which entails the construction of a new railway siding

A second tender launched on 2 January addresses the offshore construction of an additional jetty. The new jetty will enable the provision of new crucial services at the terminal, including methane carriers loading and unloading, LNG transhipment and loading LNG bunkers, as well as bunkering service.

Since the first delivery to the Świnoujście terminal in December 2015

  • 50 vessels have delivered LNG to the terminal
  • More than 4,000 tank trucks were loaded at the terminal
  • 9.6 million m3 of LNG was delivered to the terminal by 49 methane carriers to date

Information about the tenders can be found here and here.



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