Making PetroWiki Work for Us

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I just love Wikipedia and am always amazed at the depth of the nested information. I am totally impressed by and grateful to those who have made the time to write and edit the content.

So, I am curious, why upgrading and expansion of PetroWiki is not gaining greater traction and exponentially building momentum right now? The Standing Committee and SPE staff have done a great job in making it easier to make edits; and watch that space in February, when SPE is going to incorporate project definition and management tools for major upgrades and new materials.

I am guilty as charged.

  • When I go to PetroWiki, I just love it and am always informed by what I read.
    • So why don’t I go there more often?
  • However, I also often come away wondering
    • Why paper XYZ or my go-to textbook is not in the list of references.
    • Why didn’t that write-up go on to suggest or caution about something from my experiential database?
  • And why didn’t I hit the “edit” button there and then, or the next time I have 10 minutes to spare?

So, the pertinent decision node is clearly “What do I need to get off my plate in order to make the time to fulfil my resolutions to be doing more to pass-on a synopsis of my knowledge and experience to the next generation of SMEs?”

Like many of you, I am currently swamped by the process of nominating deserving colleagues for SPE Regional Awards prior to the submission deadline of 1 March. (The nominations for the International Awards are due on 15 February.)

And so, I like to think that I will get to this in March, but I also know that

...oops another 5 minutes lost!



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