Eni Launches Revamped Platform for Suppliers

Eni has redesigned its dedicated portal for suppliers. The company’s Supplier Portal and Collaboration Environment, which it calls eniSpace, is a platform combining communication, collaboration channels, and open innovation instruments with traditional procurement processes.

The platform was created as a common space for Eni's suppliers to involve them in Eni's energy transition.

The revamp is the result of collaboration with suppliers in an attempt to make it more accessible and easier to use. The interactive platform will become a showcase for those who collaborate, or wish to collaborate, with Eni. During the redesign, Eni says, particular attention was given to usability in the design process to provide a more direct, immediate, and intuitive browsing experience and give users an opportunity to stay current on the status of applications, qualifications, or tenders and to manage their own data in self-service mode

The portal is divided into four sections, which Eni has called JUST, Business Opportunities, Innovation Match, and Agorà.

JUST is an invitation to current or potential suppliers, as well as companies involved in the production chain, to participate in Eni's energy transition. The name is derived from “Join Us in a Sustainable Transition.” This initiative, inspired by the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, aims to involve suppliers in Eni's process for a fair and sustainable energy transition and in the real-world implementation of principles of environmental protection, social growth, and economic development in the relationship between Eni, its suppliers, and all the actors in the supply chain.

The Business Opportunities section provides a search function through which users can find the products and services that Eni is seeking, add their companies to product categories, and keep up to date with active calls for tender.

The Innovation Match section is dedicated to looking for and finding solutions from current suppliers or new companies that want to collaborate with Eni.

Eni describes the fourth section, Agorà, as a virtual market square for sharing experiences and best practices. The company expects the section to serve as a space where suppliers can compete and exchange views on experiences and solutions they consider most innovative, principled, and sustainable.



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