Volume: 4 | Issue: 5

STTS Continues Webinar Series With CFD in Gas Scrubber Redesign

The SPE Separations Technology Technical Section (STTS) will continue its webinar series on gas scrubber design with a presentation on the effectiveness of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in guiding the redesign of a scrubber inlet.

The webinar, titled “CFD Optimization of Scrubber Inlet Design,” will be presented on 8 October by Lee Rhyne, a research consultant in flow assurance at Chevron.

Rhyne will use CFD to study several typical scrubber inlet devices, such as the angled baffle plate for induced swirl, the V-baffle for momentum breaking, and the inlet vane distributor for uniform gas distribution. At least one example of step-by-step incremental redesign will be shown, in which there could be no welding on the vessel, that resulted in a several-fold improvement in the predicted performance of a scrubber inlet.

In addition, a methodology and evaluation criteria for scrubber inlets that can be generally applied to a wide variety of scrubber applications will be explained.

The webinar will focus on scrubber design and engineering methods rather than the intricacies of setting up and running CFD.

For more information, or to view the recording, visit 

Hank Rawlins is the chair of the SPE Separations Technology Technical Section (STTS) and author of 50 articles on topics such as facilities sand management, produced water treating, and compact separations. He is the technical director of eProcess Technologies and may be reached at

The STTS serves as a forum for SPE members to share knowledge, experience, and best practices on separations technology. For more information, visit



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