Gas Engine Platform

Caterpillar Global Petroleum upgraded the GCM34 gas engine platform, including a new closed-loop air/fuel ratio feedback system to improve performance and emissions control. Upgrades to cylinder heads, check valves, gas admission valves, and spark plugs offer extended maintenance intervals and improved durability, the company said. The company is implementing the upgrades on GCM34 engines across North America, with the entire fleet expected to be outfitted by the end of the year. Future GCM34 engines will be equipped with the new configuration. Available in 12- and 16-cylinder configurations, the engines provide 6,135 brake horsepower (bhp) at 750 rev/min and 8,180 bhp at 750 rev/min, respectively. The engine has a speed turndown capability of 40%, delivering full rated torque from 450 to 750 rev/min and is capable of operating continuously at loads as low as 50% throughout the same speed range.

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