Relief Valve and Flare Gas Flow Detector

Fluid Components International’s FCI FLT93 series FlexSwitch helps to assure operators that relief valves and flare gas systems are functioning properly. A dual-function instrument, the FLT can be configured for flow or level sensing, flow plus temperature sensing, or level plus temperature sensing. Dual trip points and 6A relay outputs are standard and assignable to flow, level, or temperature. Precision of the flow measurement is ±2% of the set point velocity over a temperature range of ±50°F with repeatability of ±0.5% reading. Level resolution is ±0.1 in. with repeatability of ±0.05 in. Standard temperature accuracy is ±2.0°F with repeatability of ±1.0˚F. Both sensing elements are available in standard (−40°F to 350°F), medium (−100°F to 500°F), or high (−100°F to 850°F) temperature configurations.

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