Winch Control Block

Bosch Rexroth’s HIWCB, a control block developed for high-pressure hydraulic winches, is intended for deck mounting. Its modular design enables interoperability with most winches used for applications on vessels, such as anchor hoisting, mooring of the vessel, and holding of the ship against the quay. The block can be combined with axial and radial piston motors, and weighing just 97 lbm, it can be directly motor-mounted. The block is galvanized and chrome-plated, and stainless steel is used for external moving parts such as the control lever and bushes. Besides the standard functions such as counter balance, relief, and anticavitation valves, the block can proportionally control the winches or capstans used to raise or lower the anchor. The anchor break-off function, in combination with a variable displacement motor, enables the anchor to be broken free in a controlled manner.

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