On-Line Sulfur Analyzer

Thermo Scientific's SOLA iQ on-line sulfur analyzer measures total sulfur content of liquid- or gas-phase samples without requiring lab analysis. Features of the SOLA iQ analyzer build upon previous instruments in the SOLA product line. The analyzer offers an updated modular design that eases routine maintenance and features measurement ranges from 2 ppm to 100% and limits of detection as low as 25 ppb. Other new features come from the Thermo Scientific iQ Series environmental monitoring platform, introduced in August 2017, including a color touchscreen interface and remote connectivity that allows users to pair with personal devices. The SOLA iQ provides an accurate measurement of total sulfur in a range of liquid and vapor fluids, correlating to ASTM Method D5453, ISO Method 20846, ASTM Method D6313, and ASTM Method D2622.

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