China National Offshore Operating Company

China National Offshore Operating Company (CNOOC) began producing oil from separate fields in the South China Sea. At the Enping 18-1 field in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, current production of 2,010 B/D is expected to reach 11,800 B/D within the year. The field, which is part of a four-field regional joint development, lies in 295 ft of water and produces from facilities at the Enping 24-2 field. The company also has started production at the Weizhou 6-9/6-10 comprehensive adjustment project in the Beibu Gulf. Situated in 115 ft of water, the project is producing about 850 B/D and is expected to reach peak output of 3,800 B/D in 2018. CNOOC holds 100% operating interests in Enping 18-1 and Weizhou.