High Flow Volume Booster

Bifold’s high flow volume booster for pneumatic and gas service (VBP) is manufactured from 316L stainless steel and performs efficiently with a high flow in both open and closed rotation of the actuator. In applications requiring a fast response time on modulating service in combination with a fast shutdown time, the VBP eliminates the need for an additional poppet or quick exhaust valve to achieve the required closing speeds. When used with a valve positioner or actuator, the VBP is designed to produce fast opening and closing times. This line is also available as a combined filter booster. The range functions with a working pressure range of 2 to 10 barg with maximum inlet pressure of 20 barg and operates at a working temperature of −20 to 180°C. A soft seat sealing design provides tight shutoff to reduce air consumption. A bypass needle adjustment fitted as standard across the series eliminates system hunting and provides stability.

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